Monday, June 29, 2009

Anniversary Getaway

We went up to Park City to run a race (pictures pending) and then afterwards we stayed a few days for our anniversary. It was so nice to spend some time together and reconnect sans kids. Brandon's parents (and sister) were so nice to watch our kids so we could escape. We had a blast mountain biking in Deer Valley, shopping on Main Street, riding the Alpine Slide, roller coaster, and zip-line.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Five Years and Still Going Strong!

Who would have thought that this little boy....

....would fall in love with this little girl?

We've been married five years and we're still going strong.
Happy anniversary, Brandon! I love you!

One of our first dates was to the Magic Castle in L.A.

Hiking in the L.A. Mountains

Singles Ward 70's Dance

A trip to Venezuela to visit Brandon's mission.

In Hawaii with Brandon's family.

At the river with Aileen's family.

Going to the theater.

Clipper's Game

Rockin' at the Muse concert!

The Producers in L.A.

Christmas in Salt Lake City

Brandon always supported me in my dance career. I dedicated a dance to him called "You Raise Me Up".

I was one of Brandon's groupies, following him to all his band's gigs.

Brandon proposed to me at the Magic Castle (where we had one of our first dates).

Our wedding day (the happiest day of my life!)

Brandon wrote me a song and sang it at our reception, which was how he nabbed me in the first place. He wrote me a song while we were dating and sang it to me. I was putty in his hands!

Our Honeymoon in Cancun


A trip to Chile

Our First Anniversary

Washington D.C.

Brenna was born!

Alaska trip

We bought our first house!

Vacationing in the Bahamas!

Ethan joined our family!

As you can see, we've done quite a lot in the past five years. It has been an amazing journey and I'm so glad to have had Brandon by my side through it all. I couldn't ask for a better husband and father to our children. I love you more than the day I married you! I can't wait to see what the next five years brings us.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tiny Dancer

Brenna had her third dance recital on May 30th and she was the star! She danced to "Kiss the Girl" (a remake of the song from Little Mermaid) and we thought she looked so cute shaking her little booty on the stage. Grandma and Grandpa Lauritzen drove all the way here from California to watch Brenna dance and my sister, Emily, and her four boys came too. It was also fun to have Great-Grandma Bluhm here and she thoroughly enjoyed the show. Good job, Brenna! We look forward to watching you dance for many years to come.

Brenna can write her name!

We have been practicing and practicing and now.....(drum roll, please) Brenna can write her own name! She is so proud of herself and so are we!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Creation (according to Brenna)

Brenna: Who made crocodiles?
Mommy: Jesus made the crocodiles.
Brenna: No, the bad guy made them.
Mommy: You mean Satan? Do you think Satan made the crocodiles?
Brenna: Yeah, because crocodiles are mean!