Thursday, August 26, 2010

I love to smile!

It's me again! I'm two months old now! Time flies when you're having fun! I've learned so much this past month. My favorite things to do (besides eat) are smile, talk, and take baths! I have the cutest smile and if you listen long enough, I'll talk your ear off with coos and gurgles. Mommy loves to hear my "stories" and we have long conversations about my future and the latest gossip. ;-) Did I mention that I like to eat? I've gained some weight lately but mommy tells me that's good. I weigh 10 lbs. 13 oz. and I'm 20.5" long. I'm in the 70% for weight and 7% for height. Haha! Short and sweet. Chubby babies are perfectly delicious! Mommy and daddy are always kissing my chubby cheeks. I also love to take baths with my big sister and brother. I love to watch them play and splash. I could stay in the bath for hours (but what woman wouldn't). I still sleep through the night (6-9 hours) and that makes mommy happy! The only bad thing is that I throw up a lot because I have acid reflux. :( It doesn't really bother me and I'm not fussy but usually mommy keeps a cup or bowl nearby to catch it. Otherwise she and I are soaked and have to change our clothes 3 times a day. TMI, I know. All in all, I could really get used to this baby business.....cuddle, sleep, eat, bathe, and be showered with kisses. Yay for me!
Love, Eva

Monday, August 23, 2010

Moving is rough....

...especially when you can't find your stuff! :-(

Saturday, August 21, 2010

My heart is breaking

Well, it's official. We packed up everything we own, left our beautiful home in St. George, and moved our family to Vegas. I will miss St. George terribly. My heart broke as we drove away from our home of four years. We waved goodbye as tears streamed down my face. Our first home. The home where we brought home two babies from the hospital. The only home our kids have known. The home we loved...surrounded by wonderful friends and neighbors. I'll miss everyone and everything good about St. George. We have loved living in Utah (much to my surprise). There's no place like Utah in all the world. We are so grateful to have been inspired to accept the job transfer and move there. The people there are awesome. Our friends, neighbors, and ward have been simply amazing. Amidst the craziness of our move, someone told me that life is like a train ride. You travel to different places then stop awhile and enjoy each location. Then it's time to journey to a new place where you will have new experiences. This is part of life. This is the journey. And, although I'm very sad to leave my previous destination, I'm excited for new experiences and memories in my new destination.

As we drove away from our home in St. George, I asked Brenna, "Are you a little sad that we're leaving our house?" She said, "I'm a lot of sad". My heart broke again.

We're so grateful to all our friends, neighbors, and family who helped us move. We couldn't have done it without you.

It's a weird feeling living in Vegas now. It will take time to feel like home but I'm so happy to be reunited as a family. No longer will we be separated while Brandon is gone all week at work. My mom and dad bought me a cute wall hanging that says,

No matter what
No matter where
It's always home
If love is there.

I love this saying because I told Brandon the exact same thing when we decided to move to Vegas. I told him that I would live in a dumpster as long as we're together as a family. Okay, maybe not a dumpster but I'd go anywhere he goes. It doesn't matter where we live as long as we are together. I know that Vegas is the right place for our family right now. We were inspired to move here. Four years ago we were apprehensive to move to St. George because we weren't sure we'd like it. We LOVED it!!! I know we will love Vegas.

Goodbye St. George! We will never forget you! :-(

Moving Day!