Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Great Outdoors

Nothing's better than sittin' around a campfire, singin' songs, and eatin' delicious s'mores! That's what we did this past weekend! We drove up to the Cedar Canyon Mountains for a little camping trip and we had a blast! The weather was perfect (although a chilly 40 degrees at night), the scenery was gorgeous, and the company was the best! The next day we went on a hike to Cascade Falls and we even saw some deer!

Days of Camelot Faire

We took the kids to a "Renaissance Faire" this past weekend and had a jolly good time! There was a jousting contest, medieval food, a petting zoo, handicrafts to boot, and entertainment (provided by our friend, Donny). Huzzah!

Pirate Pizza!

Brandon met us for lunch last week and he treated us to a new restaurant/arcade here in town (think glorified Chuck E. Cheese). We have been trying to eat at this restaurant for months now. Every time we go there is a 2 hour wait and that just won't fly with our kids. We had a blast! Argh!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mother's Day 2009

I had a great (and super busy) Mother's Day this year. I am just so grateful for the privilege I have to be a mother. I love my children so much! They bring so much joy to my life. Since I was a tiny girl I have dreamed of being a mother. I wanted nothing more than to be a wife and mother. I just feel like I'm living my dream! Don't get me wrong, there are times that I feel frustrated, overwhelmed, and just plain tired but then I remember that my kids will grow up so fast and that I should enjoy this stage of motherhood--fingerprints on windows, sticky floors, endless laundry, wet kisses, and all! Well, my Mother's Day began with a waft of delicious homemade breakfast drifting into my bedroom. Brandon prepared breakfast for everyone--me, the kids, and his parents and sister! We were so lucky to have them come up for the weekend. After breakfast the chaos began! I was giving a talk in Sacrament AND teaching Sharing Time in Primary so I was busy making last minute preparations. Everyone helped get the kids ready so I could focus on my talk. Luckily Brandon's parents were here to help with the kids during Sacrament meeting because I don't think he would have survived it alone. Primary was unusually crazy because all my counselors were gone so I was flying solo. After church we ate some scrumptious baby-back ribs and they were tuh-die-for! Mmmmm! The day ended on a more relaxing note (thank goodness) and we went on a walk and just enjoyed eachother's company. Did I already mention that I have the best husband in the world? He makes life better! I'm also grateful for my own amazing mother. Anyone who knows my mom can agree that she is the most selfless and giving person in the world. I just hope that I can be half the woman she is. I love her so much! I'm also eternally indebted to my sweet mother-in-law who raised a wonderful, loving, amazing son who I am honored to be married to. She has been such a great example to me and has accepted me into their family as if I were her own daughter. I love her so much! Happy Mother's Day!
Me and my munchkins!

Yummy dinner!

Mother's Day walk

I told Brandon that I wanted one of these for Mother's Day and he let me get it!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tea Party!

We had a Mother/Daughter tea party last Saturday and invited all of Brenna's cute little friends and their moms. We had such a great time! We made tissue paper flowers, decorated frames for a picture, ate little "tea" sandwiches, cream puffs, cookies, strawberries, and drank pink lemonade. It was so fun and something we'll make a yearly tradition!

Ethan Goes to Nursery!

I'm still in shock (and utter excitement) that Ethan started nursery two weeks ago. Let me rephrase that....Brandon is excited that Ethan started nursery! As any parent of a one year-old can tell you, church is a little (okay a lot) different with kids. His Sundays went a little like this--wrestle with Ethan during Sacrament meeting to keep him from screaming and running around, leave Sunday School class and chase Ethan around the church, try to sit in Priesthood class and listen to the lesson while Ethan screams, runs around, climbs on the chairs, and spills Cheerios, Goldfish, and fruit snacks all over the floor. Not the most spiritual experience, as you can imagine. He does this for three hours (including Sacrament) while I'm holding down the fort in Primary (not an easy job either but I definitely wouldn't want to trade places). At any rate, Brandon now gets something out of priesthood--assuming the teacher prepared a lesson. ;-) Ethan was so excited to go to nursery that he jumped out of Brandon's arms to get in the door. Our baby boy is growing up!
Ethan on his first day in Nursery!

Daddy on Ethan's first day in Nursery!