Thursday, March 26, 2009

Ethan's Shenanigans

One of Ethan's favorite things to do is to climb--thus making it almost impossible to load the dishwasher.
Climbing the mountain of laundry.
Dinnertime is always fun (and messy)!
"If mommy won't get me a snack, then I'll get it myself!"
Brenna & Ethan thought it'd be fun to dump out the box of pancake mix on the carpet. Brenna said, "It's snowing in here!"
Ethan sitting in Brenna's doll crib!
Ethan loves to put hats and other things on his head. He found Brenna's jean skirt and thought it would make a great hat!
Playing (eating) in the dirt.
Ethan loves his new sleeping arrangement! ;-)
Ethan trying to drink some of daddy's unopened Mountain Dew (a habit I'm trying to break--for Brandon, that is).
Future drag queen?
Reading books (or should I say, emptying the bookcase?).

Friday, March 20, 2009

Little Miss Independent

As I've said before, Brenna is very independent. She wants to do everything by herself and has wanted to do so since the day she arrived! Well, Brenna loves to look at the temple (we are so lucky to live so close) and many times we've driven slightly out of our way so that we can drive by the temple. Usually Brenna starts singing "I Love to See the Temple". Here's how our conversation went on this particular day...
Brenna: There's the temple!
Mom: What do we do at the temple?
Brenna: Get married!
Mom: Who are you going to marry? (thinking she'd say "daddy")
Brenna: Myself.
Mom: How can you marry yourself?
Brenna: 'Cause I want to do it myself!

She's our "Little Miss Independent"!


Kids say the funniest things! Brenna is no exception. We are constantly laughing at things she says or observations she makes. Recently we were driving through Las Vegas on our way to California and Brenna points to the Rio Hotel and says, "Wow! That's the biggest shirt I've ever seen!"

A different day the kids and I were driving around town doing errands and this was our conversation--
Brenna: (Looking out the window of the car) Jesus made the trees.
Mom: Yes, and he made the flowers and the sky and our bodies.
Brenna: (Pointing to a field of dried weeds) Why did he make yucky stuff like that?

On rare occasions, we get to sleep in on Saturday mornings but usually if we're not awake before Brenna then she'll come in our room and announce, “Cock-a-doodle-doodle!”

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Wearing o' the Green

We had a fun St. Patrick's Day! We celebrated with our preschool group that we hold at our house once a week. We have the cutest group of kids (ages 2-4)! We went on a treasure hunt to catch a leprechaun and we found his pot of gold (gold Rolos candy)! We danced with green balloons, played green M&M math, and made a shamrock. What a fun day!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Our Weekend Getaway

We went to Brian Head to celebrate Brandon's 30th birthday and we had such an amazing time! We haven't been away from the kids in two years and so this was a much-needed rendezvous. We have the most awesome friends and we want to thank Jason & Trisha and Greg & Torrey for watching our kids and dog so that we could go away for the weekend. We can't thank you enough!
Welcome to Brian Head!

We went on a sleigh ride!

Brandon tried to casually take a picture with a snowman that someone had built and ended up accidentally knocking him over!

Relaxing in our awesome condo!

Eating dinner at the amazing Double Black Diamond Steakhouse. I brought homemade chocolate-covered strawberries for dessert.

Ski bums!

Brandon tearing it up on his skis! He was amazing!

Aileen workin' it on her board!

Brandon turns 30!!!

Augh! It's official--I'm married to an old man! On March 10th, Brandon turned the ripe old age of 30 and we haven't stopped partying! First, we celebrated his birthday in California with family (twice). Then I threw him a surprise birthday party at our house for friends and neighbors. Then I took him to Brian Head for a weekend getaway to celebrate his birthday. One thing's for sure......we know how to party!!! Happy Birthday, babe! You are the most amazing husband and father and there's no one I'd rather be married to! You make me so happy!
Celebrating with my family and my nephew, Chase, whose birthday is the day before Brandon's.

Brandon's mom threw him a surprise birthday party at their house for family and friends.

Two of Brandon's friends, Andy and Grant.

Brandon's reactions to the surprise party at our house.

Let's get the party started!

The kids had fun on the swingset.

Brandon's band surprised him and had everything set up to play a "mini" concert.

Birthday cake and present--a leather jacket!

Great Grandma Lauritzen

While we were in Provo taking Gary to the MTC, we were also able to visit my grandma Lauritzen (great-grandma to Brenna & Ethan). She is the sweetest, sharpest lady ever! We were asking her tons of questions about her mission, how she met grandpa, the births of her children and their childhood. She didn't miss a beat and she remembered every detail. Her memory is better than mine and she's 90 years old!!! Brenna & Ethan loved seeing her and spending time with her. We love you, grandma!

Elder Lauritzen Leaves!

It doesn't seem possible but my baby brother, Gary, has left on his two-year mission to Mexico City, Mexico. The kids and I were able to go with my family to take him to the MTC (Missionary Training Center) and it was a memorable experience. Gary has prepared himself so well to serve a mission and he will be great! It's always hard to say good-bye but I know that Gary is doing the right thing and will be blessed for the rest of his life for the decision to serve a mission. We are so proud of you, Elder Lauritzen!
Elder Lauritzen entering the MTC!

Our future missionaries!

Elder Lauritzen Returns!

My brother, Ray, returned home from serving a two-year mission for our church in Trinidad & Tobago and we were so excited to see him at the airport. The entire family was there to greet him as he stepped off the plane. He looked so handsome and mature--it was so great to see him! All the grandkids held signs to welcome him home and they all ran to hug him as soon as they saw him! Welcome Home, Ray! We are so proud of you!

Ray with all his nieces & nephews!
Ray with my mom and dad.