Monday, April 20, 2009

Young at heart (other parts slightly older)!

Another year has passed and I seem to be asking myself, "How did I get to be 34???" Saturday (April 18th) was my birthday and yes, I'll admit that I'm over the hill. I woke up that morning to a fabulous breakfast made by Brandon and then a day full of fun! We went hiking in Snow Canyon with our good friends, Jason & Trisha. Then we came home for some pizza and yummy ice cream cake! Turning 30 was quite a shock for me but now....I'm in my mid-thirties!!! That's worse! Oh well at least I have a younger husband and two young children to keep me young at heart! :-)
This canyon is gorgeous (and only 20 minutes from our house)!
The kids were so excited to go hiking! It was a beautiful day!
We explored some caves and had tons of fun!
Ethan was so exhausted from all the hiking he did! ;-)
Happy Birthday to me!
I don't mind turning 34 if this is my birthday gift! Brandon bought me a new car--an Acura MDX! I'm in love (with Brandon too)! He also spoiled me with a gift certificate for a massage and a jogging watch and pedometer. Thanks, babe!
My twin brother, Ivan, and I have always done everything together. I wish we lived closer so that we could celebrate our birthday together. Here we are at our 30th birthday party. Happy Birthday, Ivan!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Easter 2009

Easter was so fun (and busy) this year. We decided to drive to California for Easter and my nephew's baby blessing (Emily's baby, Ezra). The kids were so excited to wake up and see that the Easter Bunny had left them some treats in their baskets.

Brenna had fun decorating Easter eggs at Grandma Bluhm's house.

My brother-in-law, Spencer, gave baby Ezra a beautiful blessing and my mom made him the cutest white suit and hat.

We had an Easter Egg Hunt at Grandma Lauritzen's with all the cousins.

We made a cute Easter Bunny at preschool.

Ladybug Central

We were at our local nursery recently and thought it would be fun to buy some ladybugs. We sat in the backyard and had a blast watching the ladybugs crawl all over. Ethan kept trying to eat them!

General Conference

General Conference is one of our favorite weekends, not only because we get to hear from our beloved prophet and general authorities but because we get to do it in our jammies!!! The kids love it when Brandon pulls/drives them around the house in the laundry baskets so they wanted to watch conference while sitting in their "cars"! We tried not to monkey around too much but we did eat monkey bread for breakfast! :-)