Thursday, February 2, 2012

THE Kitty Party

So, my family members (who will remain nameless--but their name rhymes with Shmemily) have made fun of me (and disowned me) for throwing a kitty party but I couldn't help it.....this was Brenna's dream party! ;-) She wants a kitty so bad but knows that mommy and daddy are allergic. She once asked me, "When daddy dies, can we get a cat?" Haha! Anyways, this was a pretty fun party. Brenna was in heaven.

Here's the entrance:

Welcome to Brenna's Kitty Party.

Happy Birthday, Brenna!

The food table

The cupcakes:

Kitty cupcakes, of course.

The cupcakes were a brownie layer on the bottom and strawberry cake on top. Yum.

Kitty Chow: Muddy Buddies and Reese's Puffs cereal, served in kitty bowls.

The drinks: mason jars with pink lemonade

The goody bags.


As the guests arrived, they chose kitty ears and we painted faces. The girls were cats and the boys were dogs.

The "dawgs"

The kids got to "adopt" a stuffed animal kitty to take home (the boys got a dog). They chose a name and got an adoption certificate.

Then they made collars for their kitties with beads, bells, and elastic.

Brenna and "Fluffy"

Ethan and "Smokey"

The group picture.

The 1st game...."Cat and Mouse"

Each person gets a mouse on a string. The "cat" rolls a dice and when it lands on 1 or 5, the kids have to pull their mice away before the cat traps them with a lid. The kids LOVED this!!!

The 2nd game..."Lap it Up"

The first "kitty" to lap up all their (chocolate) milk won! Another crowd pleaser. Even more fun to watch....hilarious actually. ;-)

Blowing out candles

Eating the goodies

Brenna played air guitar and serenaded all her friends. ;-)

Present time!

Last game...."Cat and Dog Freeze Tag" (so fun!)

Brenna and Marissa

Brenna and Reagan

Brenna and Samara

Brenna and Jayla

Brenna and Olivia

Brenna and Kaylin

Easton (Brenna's future husband)

What a fun party!


Spencer and Emily Nelson family said...

You seriously need to write a party planning book. You have the BEST ideas! Your kids are so lucky, they are growing up like rock stars. And don't worry Brenna, with the way mommy throws parties I'm sure daddy will be dead in no time at all. ;) And who's this party-pooper chick 'Shmemily'?? Can't figure that one out...

Michelle said...

Wow, somebody really went all out for this kitty party! haha I agree with Emily, you have such great party ideas! And whoever Shmemily is, she's lame. Kitty parties rock. :)

Anne Marie said...

Happy Birthday Brenna!! Looks like she had a great time! Such a fun idea. I agree with the girls above. Soooooo, you wanna plan Hailey's at the end of the year? Whitney's plum wore me out!

Karolina , Krystyna , Klara ♥ said...

welcome. I'm Karolina and I come from Polish. I found your blog accidentally and I see that it is Ĺ›liczy. Lovely pictures :) really great!! :) Regards and I wish her ​​daughter Happy Birthday!